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It’s the arrival of spring and it’s also time to renew your Solidarity membership for the period from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. You can renew in 3 ways:

OPTION #1: Payment by credit card

Step 1 : Please complete the Renewal Form on the Zeffy platform 
Step 2 : Please make your $10 Payment and/or Interac donation (automatic receipt)

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OPTION #2: Payment by Interac e-Transfer * Automatic deposit only

Step 1: Please complete the Renewal Form 
Step 2: Please make your $10 Payment and/or Interac donation

In the message box, please enter your child’s first and last name or the name of your organization.

IMPORTANT: Your banking institution may ask to create a question and answer, if this is the case, please be advised that we will not be able to accept your Interac e-Transfer. 

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OPTION #3: Payment by cheque or cash

Step 1: Veuillez remplir le Formulaire de renouvellement
Step 2: Please send your payment by mail to: 
Solidarité de parents de personnes handicapées, 170-5650 Hochelaga Street, Montreal Qc H1N 3L7

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SPPH, an important acronym in my life!

My son is now 19 years old and SPPH has been in our lives since the very beginning. Even before the services for our boy are set up, I still see the reassuring presence of Carolyne Lavoie under our roof, in front of two parents completely devastated and lost following the diagnosis of our son. His invaluable advice paved our famous obstacle course; A journey that never ends and that wears us out prematurely.

But SPPH has always been there to soften the road. Respite moments, those moments that allow us to get our heads out of the water, are a balm for the heart. I never stopped saying that it was SPPH who saved my relationship! Thanks to these breaks, we gave ourselves time just for ourselves. I am sure that we would never have managed to get through these years! 

And what about the happiness for our son to receive experienced and enthusiastic companions! It’s so important to entrust our children to people you trust! 

Thank you to this precious and great team! I wish SPPH a long life! Your support is immeasurable! You make a difference!

– Isabelle Perrin, mother of Thomas


Initiated by Solidarité de parents de personnes handicapées, Répit Québec, the Quebec Network for the Respite of Families of Persons with Disabilities, aims to raise awareness among the public and public decision-makers of the issues faced by families of people with disabilities and organizations offering them respite, in order to improve accessibility and ensure the quality of services.

This provincial consultation aims to optimize the respite experience for families and loved ones of people with disabilities across Quebec, by improving access to services and ensuring their quality.
Its priorities are:

  • Establishing quality benchmarks for respite
  • Promote Quebec’s respite resources and defend their rights
  • Support respite resource managers by offering them, among other things, access to quality training adapted to their needs
  • Inform families and accompany them throughout the respite experience

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At the next Annual General Meeting to be held on June 14, 2023, the members will elect representatives of the next Board of Directors of Solidarité de parents.  Positions are to be filled.

Do you want to be part of the decisions made for the organization?
Would you like to work on important issues concerning the future of Solidarité de parents?
Do you want to make a difference for member families?

For more details, contact Renée Turcotte:

Join the board!


Once again, the Solidarité de parents team would like to know your opinion about the programs offered by the organization and, thus, demonstrate the effects of our actions to our various partners.

At the same time, the results obtained will allow us to evaluate the activities offered last year and to improve the activities we will offer in the future. These results will appear in the annual review of the year that will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of Solidarité de parents.

We would also like to collect some testimonials from parents who use our programs in order to include them in our annual report. 

You should have received our survey by email on March 15 and the deadline to respond is March 31, 2023. Thank you for your valuable collaboration!

Answer the survey


Our April meeting between parents will be face-to-face!
And since a snack will be offered, registrations are required with Elena Seco by email

In addition, the logical continuation of the animated presentation Taking care of yourself is the practice of the time that we give ourselves for ourselves, to go out, to do good and to meet other parents. Therefore we wish to offer you a warm setting to really exchange together and relax.

Two dates, two possibilities are available to you! 

  • On Wednesday, April 12th , for a coffee between 10am and 12pm at  the café/tea room La brume dans mes lunettes at 378, rue Saint-Zotique Est, H2S 1L7 (5 minutes’ walk from Beaubien metro station).  
  • On Wednesday, May 10th,  come  and share a bite between 6pm and 8pm at  Le Pourvoyeur at  184 Jean-Talon Street East, Montreal, QC H2R 1S7 (5 minutes’ walk from Jean-Talon and Castelnau metros).

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Since our offices will be closed on Monday, April 10, please make your requests for respite on Saturday, April 1ST for a desired respite between April 4TH and 17TH.

Leave your messages at 514-254-6067 ext. 300


April 2 is International Autism Day and, for 39 years, the month of April has been dedicated to it to raise awareness among the general public. It is also an opportunity to break down the prejudices that are the main obstacle to the integration of the people concerned into the community. Together, let’s take the time to educate our neighbors, colleagues, friends and the people around us!

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The Autism Awareness Walk is back for its 14th edition and it is changing its name to pay tribute to the pioneer and former president of Autisme Montréal, Carmen Lahaie.

  • When: Saturday, April 29 at 12:30 p.m. 
  • Where: Place du Canada (corner of Peel and De La Gauchetière streets, near Bonaventure metro station)

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Would you like to get this beautiful step from The Potty Stool? We’re going to do a draw!

It is very strong, but it is made for young children. Delivery is not possible. The winner of the draw must pick it up at the Solidarity offices, by making an appointment in advance.

If you are interested, please send an email to

I want to put my name in for the draw


Do you Know Educaloi? This site provides you with tools as a caregiver of your disabled child(ren) on several aspects:

  • Balancing work and responsibilities;
  • Consent to health care;
  • Access medical records;
  • Understand the health and social services system;
  • Respect your child’s wishes;
  • Protect the vulnerable;
  • Ensure the needs related to accommodation.

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When we notice that our young child under the age of 5 is having difficulties in his development, we want the system to help us set up services. What do we do then? The CLSC is contacted to access the Early Intervention Program (Agir Tôt), as it is not necessary to obtain a referral from a professional to participate. 

Also, did you know that during the 18-month vaccination appointment all parents must respond to a developmental monitoring tool called ABCdaire 18 months+ ? Following this appointment, if difficulties are identified, you are directed, with your agreement, to the Agir tôt screening.

What is the Early Action program? A program offered to families of children aged 0 to 5 years, the interventions aim to:

  • Help you, as a parent, to better support your child in the stages of his development and in your daily life;
  • Offer stimulation and interventions to help your child develop and function well in their living environments, including home, daycare and school;
  • Prepare your child for his entry into kindergarten and allow him to live well this transition;
  • Accompany you throughout the steps and services offered.

The intervention teams are composed of specialists from several disciplines who will listen to your concerns and your family reality. They also work with the workers who work with your child on a daily basis, such as daycare workers, teachers, their doctor or the staff of the community organization they attend for activities. Working with people involved with your child is a key approach to the program. Moreover, services offered in the community may be suggested to you based on your child’s needs.

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UnisSon is a program created by the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud de l’île de Montréal. It welcomes children aged 0 to 7 years with an autism spectrum hypothesis or disorder, a global developmental delay or a syndrome related to intellectual disability.

Its service offer is deployed in the family environment, but also in the childcare environment. Thus, the program’s stakeholders, in partnership with daycare settings, were able to develop support strategies ranging from assistance in terms of grants, participation in the children’s integration plan, to training and direct coaching with educators.

The UnisSon team is interdisciplinary, including social workers, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and psychoeducators, and offers its services to children at the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal.  These services will eventually be extended to the CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal and Est-de-l’Île-de-Montréal.

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Here are the topics and the link to register for the April presentations of l’Accompagnateur (in French). You will find a button to sign up further down.

Last chance before April 30: Come and ask your questions about taxes to the Finautonome team!
Tuesday, April 4 | 7pm

Le Curateur public du Québec: Accompanying and protecting your loved ones, tools to help you
Wednesday, April 12 | 7pm

Special Olympics Québec: inclusion through sport
Tuesday, April 18 | 7pm

For universally accessible housing that meets the evolving needs of all families
Wednesday, April 19 | 12pm

Travelling with your family: better planning to enjoy it more!
Thursday, April 27 | 7pm

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Les loisirs de Kiki is a non-profit recreation  organization for children, adolescents or young adults aged 0-8  years with autism spectrum disorder with or without intellectual disability; verbal or non-verbal, with an intellectual disability and/or for children awaiting diagnosis aged 6 to 18 years. 

Kiki’s hobbies offer different adapted classes (Zumbini, dance, yoga, gymnastics) to develop their full potential, creating a space where parents can exchange without constraint and especially without judgment, because the participation of these young people is done with their own guide.

The activities are in the space of Les Notes du corps at 7705, 17e avenue, Montréal QC, H2A2S4

Learn More


Here is an article of interest that we want to share with you about heritage (in French).

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The deadline to complete and file your tax return for the 2022 tax year is April 30, 2023.

You may be eligible for the following refundable and non-refundable tax credits: 

Provincial Government (QC)

Federal Government (Canada)

If your or your family’s income is low, you might be eligible for the solidarity tax credit, the work premium tax credits and the shelter allowance program. You could be eligible for the free income tax assistance program. A volunteer will help you complete your income tax returns so that you can get the tax credits you’re eligible for.

Learn more

Did you know that there are tax clinics, also called tax clinics, that allow low-income people with a “simple” tax situation  to take advantage of free or low-cost services to help them complete their tax return? This is possible through  the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), which is jointly administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec.

Consult Canada Revenue Agency’s directory
Consult Quebec 211’s directory

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