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As we announced, Mrs. Rim El Khouja has taken over the general management of Solidarité and she has already had the opportunity to meet several of our members during the celebration of the 40th anniversary as well as during the last meeting between Jasette parents. 

The Solidarité de parents’ team, the members of its Board of Directors and other partners recently gathered to greet and pay tribute to Ms. Turcotte’s. The evening was very moving, especially since we are proud to share with you that Ms. Turcotte will be the recipient of the Medal of the Member of Parliament of the National Assembly for her invaluable contribution during almost 30 years at the head of Solidarité de parents.

Read the tribute on our web page here.


Solidarité is always actively looking for qualified coaches for its Respite-Breakdown program. Thank you for sharing this job offer with your networks! 

See Job Offer


Please note that Solidarité offices will be closed from December 23 to January 7 inclusively.  

In addition, our Newsletter will take a break for the month of January but will be back on January 31 for the release of the February 2024 Newsletter. 

In the meantime, you can follow us and stay informed on our Facebook page and you can also check out our new website.

We also won’t have a Jasette in December. Until we see you again, we salute the families who joined our parent meetings this year.

Solidarite’s team wishes all its members a great end to 2023 and a happy new year 2024!


One more year, for the school break period, Solidarité is able to help several member families through its programs, and during the 2023-2024 holiday season, we will support 68 families. 

**The registration period is already closed and full. Families admitted will need to follow up with


We need more families who want to be matched with another family living with a child with special challenges in order to have a family bank to compose and give a little impetus to our Family Match Program. 

If you are interested, you can send your answers to by email.

CriteriaYour SituationVery important criterionMedium CriterionNot at all important
Cultural BackgroundEx. Algeria   
DiagnosticEx:ASD Level 2   
Child ageEx: 9 years   
AddressEx: Rosemont   


“I find in the monthly newsletter a lot of information about activities to do with my child with special needs and all the news that may be of interest to me as a parent of a child with a disability.”
– Anonymous


Did you know? Since 1992, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities has been celebrated every year on December 3 around the world. It aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development and to raise awareness of their special situation in all aspects of political, social, economic, and cultural life. At Solidarité, we want to notice and highlight this. 

This year’s theme is: Making Disability Friendly: Be Part of the Change! Every action in favor of accessibility counts! Mark this day to contribute to the social participation of people with disabilities. 

The self-study course Better Welcoming People with Disabilities offers several tips. In the form of eight short capsules, you will see how to improve the accessibility of your services, communications, or places. Watch the self-study course and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

Use these ideas as inspiration to get involved


Have you heard of Camp Papillon’s Weekend Respite Days?
Their respite periods are specially designed to provide campers with disabilities with a memorable experience at Camp Papillon while their families take advantage of this precious moment to recharge their batteries. They take place between Friday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. in Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez.
Some weekends are dedicated to children/teen campers and others to adult campers.

The pre-registration period is open!  

Be aware that a subsidy is available based on family income to make respite more accessible.

Register Now!


Family activities are special moments that contribute to the well-being and development of children. Rain or shine, do you want to continue going out with your family during the school break? 
  1. You can skate in the heart of downtown at the Esplanade Tranquille in the Quartier des spectacles. They offer skate rentals ($13.05 adults and $10.00 children), rental of a learning aid for children ($5.22) and, the borrowing of a support for people with reduced mobility (free of charge). Find out more.
  2. For lots of ideas for outings, you can check out the Montreal for Kids website.
  3. The “Québec for All” guide is full of outing ideas that will delight all your senses. Check out this brochure and get inspired. It is a database of more than 2,000 certified accessible or partially accessible tourist establishments. See brochure.
  4. Are you familiar with Kéroul?  The Travel tab on their website will allow you to find information related to accessible transportation, cultural, leisure, and outdoor activities as well as tips. Visit website.


  5. Do you need adaptive equipment such as a Hippocampe wheelchair, a Kartus wheelchair designed specifically for runners and outdoor enthusiasts, or a  Wheelblade that allows you to move easily on snow or ice thanks to small skates that quickly attach under the front wheels of a wheelchair? The Centre d’intégration à la vie active (CIVA) allows its members to benefit from the rental of equipment specifically designed for outdoor activities. Visit website.
  6. The Théâtre L’Arrière-Scène,  an hour’s drive from Montreal, presents theatrical and artistic works for audiences in early childhood, youth and adolescence. During the sensorially adapted performances (RSA), everything is done to comfortably accommodate autistic people or people with special needs while allowing them to have a good time at the theatre with their family. Each year, its rich program of shows is an invitation to discovery and wonder, like a great theatre festival where young people of all ages are invited! Discover their program here.
  7. Soothed mornings at the Montreal Science Centre are events that take place every 2 months at the Montreal Science Centre. The next dates are January 21, March 24, May 19, July 14, September 22, and November 24, 2024. Spaces are limited and you must reserve your tickets in advance! The applicable rate is the regular rate, but a companion can get free admission with the “Carte accompagnement loisir (CAL)” or the “Accès 2” card.
    From 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., the Montreal Science Centre adapts to young people with special needs and their loved ones. 
    Check out the exhibits and watch a movie at the TELUS IMAX®Theatre in a calm and safe environment:
    • Reducing the number of visitors to provide all the space young people need to have fun;
    •  Diminished stimuli;
    •  Cool and quiet areas with dim lighting and floor mats;
    •  An accompanying guide tailored to your needs;
    • Movies at the TELUS IMAX® theatre in reduced length and volume.
    Equipment is offered free of charge on loan at the box office:
    •  Wheelchairs;
    •  Ear;
    •  Timers;
    •  Paper version of the guide for people with special needs.
    Reserve your tickets
  8. Did you know that the Musée de Beaux Arts organizes parent-child creative workshops every weekend?
    Saturday: 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
    Sunday: 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    Tickets are distributed on-site, on the day of the activity, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that latecomers will not be admitted. 
    In addition, the Museum offers its visitors to the rooms of the Peace Pavilion who have special needs a sensory kit called a sensational bag to allow them to better appreciate their experience. Learn more.
  9. PARDI-Parents pour la déficience intellectuelle, invites you to a songwriting workshop led by Mathieu Mathieu!

    Date: Saturday, December 9, 2023 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    Location: 3958 Dandurand Street, Montreal, QC H1X 1P7
    Registration: Mandatory before Thursday 07 December. It’s free for Solidarité members. You must contact PARDI at 514-376-6644 or by email at

    Mathieu Mathieu leads interactive workshops where he listens to participants. He’s also open while composing the song, performing special requests, or going where the spontaneity of the moment tends to want to lead the band.  This always results in workshops where everyone feels involved and creative about the moment and the song. To give you an idea of what the workshops can look like, here is a video excerpt:

  10. Do you feel like doing a water activity in winter? We would like to remind you of the offer of adapted open swim at the Sablon Centre. If your child loves to be in the water, know that two periods are reserved for families with a child with an intellectual disability or a light motor disability, at the special rate of $5 (for 50 minutes in the pool) for the parent-child duo! The mini-pool is heated to 31.5 degrees, reserved for a maximum of 10 people, i.e. 5 duos (parent-child).
    For children between 4 months and 7 years old : THURSDAYS between 11:40 am and 12:30 pm
    For children between 5 and 16 years old: SATURDAYS between 5pm and 5.50pm
    Entries: 514-527-1256 ext. 301
    Address: 4265 Avenue Papineau, Montreal, H2H 1T3 (2 minutes from Lafontaine Park) 
    Parking: located on the south side of the building and is accessible from Papineau Street.  Rates: $2.75/hour — $1.25 extra per additional 1/2 hour or $12.50/day.
    Please pick up your parking ticket at the vending machine located at the entrance to the parking lot and place it on your dashboard on the driver’s side clearly visible through the windshield.  
    How to get a parking ticket, click here!


    In the documentary entitled Lucas, une espèce humaine en voie de disparition, his father, a Gaspé filmmaker, takes us into the world of his son, a young man in his twenties with trisomy 21. 
    Trisomy 21 is one of the easiest abnormalities to detect during pregnancy. Then parents have to make a choice. What if families knew more about what life with someone like Lucas looks like? This is what this documentary broadcast on ICI TÉLÉ explores with great humanity.

    Lucas, une espèce humaine en voie de disparition | Films | ICI TOU.TV


    For this last month of 2023, The Companion has planned three online events that may be of interest to you.
    Tuesday, December 5, 7 p.m.: The CLASS Web App: A tool to simplify the lives of parents of children with special needs and any other caregiver with Hélène Proulx, Director of AQEPA/Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec.
    Wednesday, December 6, 12 p.m.: For universally accessible housing that meets the evolving needs of all families with Martin Lalonde and Sooraya Peerally, Exaequo.
    Tuesday, December 12, 7 p.m.: The challenges of neurodiversity in the workplace with Ella Duval, Neuro Plus.



    According to research on the benefits of animals for children with ASD, animals may play a special role. Indeed, not only do most children with ASD show a spontaneous attraction to animals, but in addition, some of the difficulties they encounter in interacting with humans are not found with the animal. This is the case, for example, with difficulties in initiating exchanges, looking at the face, making “eye-to-eye” contacts, or recognizing emotions.

    The integration of an animal into the daily life of a child with ASD, whether it is a pet or a service dog, can have many positive effects on their development, resulting from the special relationship that these children can have with them. The studies reveal contributions in four main areas of action: communication and interactions, well-being, problem behaviors, judgement and external perspectives. 

    Also, it is observed that following the arrival of an animal in the family, the parents have less anxiety and stress. More generally, the presence of an animal would also contribute to better family functioning in homes for children with ASD.

    However, despite all these potential benefits, it is important not to think of the animal as a “magic pill”. Not all children, with or without ASD, have the same attraction to animals, just as not all children develop the same relationship with their pet. The type of interaction that takes place, the degree of attachment to the animal, or the child’s autonomy to care for it vary. The effects will depend on the attachment and quality of the relationship that the child with ASD establishes with the animal.

    First and foremost, families of children wishing to integrate an animal have an interest in making sure that their child is attracted or desired. It is also a good idea to check that the animal you are considering has an appropriate profile for your child, in terms of behavior in relation to the child’s needs and personality compatibility. 

    Read More

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