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A sure way to build a relationship

I was referred to Solidarité de parents by my social worker and It’s been an amazing journey! Right from the registration modality which focused on knowing family members, the challenges, and how Solidarité de parents can be of help. What a carefully thought-out process and a sure way to build the relationship! 
As a single parent of 4 kids, Solidarité de parents have been very helpful; springing pleasant surprises sometimes, Family leisure sponsors (my children and I will not forget the fairies wheel experience!) 
Solidarité de parents have been incredible in helping me with respite, especially on ped days, so I’m able to work on such days and meet up with bills payment. 
I am so glad to be associated with Solidarité de parents, I love the creativity and the high-level professionalism displayed by the staff, some of which is evident in the programs rolled out to help families in different aspects of life. Your emails always leave me with a smile!  
I can go on and on, but let me end with the Newsletter! I have never been so fascinated by a newsletter in terms of design and content as that of Solidarité de parents! Great Job and Kudos to the entire team. 

– Grace Allanah 

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