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The respite is a lifeline for parents!

Having a child with a disability presents many daily challenges. Parents need time to engage in different activities, attend medical appointments, and catch their breath. That’s why Solidarité de parents has been offering respite to its members since 1983. The respite is a structured service that aims to temporarily release the parent from their responsibility of being present for their child who has a disability.

Depending on funding and available grants, Solidarité de parents can also offer leisure accompaniment for severely disabled youth.


Solidarité de parents can offer up to 3h45 minutes of free respite to its members. This program is offered based on the organization’s financial and workforce availability, within the designated territory on the Island of Montreal.

"Tête en congé"

Solidarité de parents facilitates work-life balance for its member parents by giving them the opportunity to hire an accompanying person during summer vacation, spring break or the holiday season.