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SPPH, an important acronym in my life!

My son is now 19 years old and SPPH has been present in our lives from the very beginning. Even before services were put in place for our son, I still remember the reassuring presence of Carolyne Lavoie in our home, in front of two completely devastated and lost parents following our son’s diagnosis. Her invaluable advice paved our incredible journey; a journey that is ongoing and that takes its toll.

But SPPH has always been there to lighten the load. The respites, those moments that allow us to get our heads above water, are a balm for the heart. I always say that it was SPPH that saved my marriage! Thanks to these breaks, we took time just for us. I am convinced that we would never have been able to get through these years without them!

Not to mention our son’s joy at receiving experienced and enthusiastic caregivers! It is so important that we trust those who care for our children!

Thank you to this beloved and amazing team!

I wish SPPH a long life! Your support is invaluable! You make all the difference!

– Isabelle Perrin

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